Picture credits

A different image appears on the head of each of the main pages of this site.  They will be changed from time to time.  The current images are as follows:


Welcome page: Keller, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.  Photograph: P.L.Gibbard 1980.

Members page: Loess sediments at Havrincourt archaeological excavation, northern France. Photograph: D.Gliksman 2009.

Focus groups page: Exposure at Öbel, Nordrhein Westphalen, Germany, showing Pleistocene Rhine gravels (Sterksel Formation) overlying Reuver Clay (Pliocene). Photograph: P.L.Gibbard 1985.

Stratigraphic guide pages: Monte St. Nicola, Sicily – the GSSP type section of the base of the Quaternary. Photograph by E. Di Stefano/S. Bonomo 2009.

Major divisions page: Metre-thick, proximal, coarse, partly bedded pumiceous late Holocene rhyolitic tephra beds (comprising mainly blocks/bombs and lapilli) and associated darker buried soil horizons (marking volcanic quiescence) evenly draping an antecedent strongly-rolling landscape near Taupo, central North Island, New Zealand. Photograph: D.J. Lowe 2010.

Regional divisions page: Fluvial sediments and ice-wedge cast from Block Fen, Cambridgeshire. Photograph : P.L Gibbard 1981.

Publications page: Baltic ice lake varved clay sediments at Harassilta, southern Finland. Photograph: P.L. Gibbard 1976.

Diary page: Iremel mountain, 1582,3  m, Southern Urals, Bashkortostan Republic, Russia. Stone rivers (kurum) cover slopes of the top and demonstrate process of slow solifluction. Photograph by Guzel Danukalova 2008.

Links page:  Last Interglacial estuarine sediments including skeletal remains of a straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) from Aveley, Essex, England. Photograph by A.J. Sutcliffe 1960.

Contacts page: Bride moraine, northern Isle of Man. Obique air photograph: Google Earth image 2011.

Picture credits page: Portland Bill, Dorset, southern England, showing the Last Interglacial raised beach. Photograph by P.L. Gibbard 1985.


Members and others are welcome to submit appropriate pictures for header images for inclusion on these pages. Images must be exactly 1000 × 288 pixels.  Images of appropriate size will be used as they are, others will be cropped or adjusted to fit.